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Art Summer Camp 2024


 🦋  Art Summer Camp 2024

Miss Alicia ART STUDIO (Tampa)  🦋


Pick your week below (4 to 6 students per week)


Ages 7 to 9 and 10 to 12


10am to 2pm


Google Form to register NOW: 



Artistic Skills and Techniques:

  • Masterpiece Mashup: Combine styles and techniques of famous artists, learning about art history through hands-on projects. Women in Art History Special
  • Color Explosion: Explore the world of color theory, mixing hues, creating color gradients, and using different color palettes in various mediums.
  • Printmaking Power: Learn different printmaking techniques like block printing,screen printing, and monoprinting, creating unique and vibrant artwork.
  • Texture Time: Experiment with different textures in clay, fabric, found objects,and paints, adding depth and dimension to artwork.

Imagination and Storytelling:

  • Mythical Creatures: Explore legends and folklore, creating sculptures, paintings,and masks of fantastical beings.
  • Fairytale Worlds: Design costumes, sets, and props for a favorite fairytale or invent your own magical story through art.
  • Time Travel Adventure: Travel through different historical periods through art projects, recreating iconic artifacts or imagining futuristic inventions.
  • Comic Book Heroes: Design your own superhero characters, draw epic battles,and create interactive comic book displays.

Exploration and Discovery:

  • Underwater Odyssey: Dive into the ocean world, crafting sculptures of marine life, painting vibrant coral reefs, and exploring different underwater textures.
  • Space Explorers: Blast off into the cosmos, creating rocket models, designing alien landscapes, and learning about astronomical phenomena through art.
  • Jungle Expedition: Embark on a virtual safari, sculpting animal figures, painting rainforest scenes, and using natural materials like leaves and twigs in art projects.
  • Cityscapes & Architecture: Explore different cityscapes around the world,drawing iconic landmarks, building miniature models, and using mixed media to capture the urban vibe.


Sign up today!
WEEK 1 June 3-7
WEEK 2 June 10-14 Only 2 spaces available
WEEK 3 June 17-21
WEEK 4 June 24-28
WEEK 5 July 1-5
WEEK 6 July 8-12
WEEK 7 July 15-19
WEEK 8 July 22-26
$200 per week, $40 per day


Reserve by paying in full in the link below: 




@Alicia-Art Alicia Art





Zelle Alicia Campos 646.498.9260


You can pay with VISA and MASTERCARD

credit card and debit card 

Text 646.498.9260 to make payment on the phone









Join Miss Alicia online this summer!! Every week we will enjoy different art activities, from drawing techniques, painting on canvas, clay figurines to complete  your own art journal within the THEME that you like.



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