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Alicia Campos


Is a psychologist, art therapist, teaching artist, and social entrepreneur, dedicated 100% to her art and teaching. 


Founded Happy Industries Art Studio, with his son Lázaro Vázquez, in 2005 in Boston and 2011 in New York, inspired on the one hand by his son's artistic talents and ideas, and on the other, by the growing demand of her artwork. 


Graduated with a B.S. in Psychology in Mexico D.F. and specialized in Art Therapy from Endicott College. The main field of study Trauma in Childhood. 


Studied a Master in Educational Technologies at Harvard, with the thesis: Art in a Hispanic Community for Social Awareness in the Age of Technology. Continued studying psychology, trauma, suicidal behaviors, art for healing, and entrepreneurship. 


Has taught Spanish grammar, literature, business and human rights at Harvard and NYU, among other universities.


Is an author/Illustrator of bilingual Spanish/English children's books. When Clotilde Dreams..., Lazaro and the Crocodile, Noah in the neighborhood and Walking through the Moon's Forest.


Promotes women's entrepreneurship and offers workshops and seminars. Promotes the Arts and fine artists from all ages. Organizes Art shows yearly, among those: Florida in Art.


Private Art for healing and Art as therapy sessions. 


Develops/teaches Art/Spanish programs with Lázaro Vázquez, for after-school programs.


Is currently painting and teaching at her art studio in Tampa and offering local art classes and art events.

Lázaro Vázquez


Born in Philadelphia in 2001. Since very little, Laz has been a very creative entrepreneur. 


Developed, among others, his main character Happy at the age of seven. Since then, Lazaro has been creating new characters and designing hand-made toys. 


Designs and teaches art programs for summer camps according to the student's age. 


Offered private guitar and art classes in a weekly basis. 


Participated in Art festivals in downtown Tampa and sold his art. 


Currently, Lázaro studies at Yale University.

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