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Happy Industries Art Studio was founded by Miss Alicia and her son Lázaro in Boston in 2005 and New York in 2011. Everything started like a real-life game. Mom and son were playing, imagining they had an Art factory at home where they painted and painted after school. Happy Industries was a fun art project inspired, on the one hand, by Alicia's son's artistic talents and creative ideas and, on the other, by the growing demand for Alicia's artwork.


Happy Industries Art Studio offers art classes to students from all ages. These art classes include drawing techniques, painting on canvas with acrylics; watercolor on professional paper; clay figurines basic sculpting; free play with art & recycled materials and a long etcetera. The styles cover realism, magic realism, surrealism, anime, manga, cartoons, comics, fantasy art.


By request, Miss Alicia mentors and guides every student how to prepare her/his art portfolio for high school or college submission and to know what to expect when studying Art studio and Art theory at Academic level. 


Furthermore, Miss Alicia teaches Female Artists in Art History starting all the way back to cave painters of primal cultures. Research shows girls and women painted caves illustrating animals sceneries, botanicals with their own fingers, and hands. 


For assistance and guidance with an art event and/or art classes in hospitals, shelters for children, foster family children, low-income families, international online drawing free classes, noteworthy art events, and nonprofit events, text Miss Alicia, she will be happy to support you. 


Art makes you happy. Studies show that Art can make you a happier and healthier person, while creating your Art or enjoying someone else's Art. 


Visit www.facebook.com/happyindustriesartstudio to get to know more about Happy Industries Art Studio's current art classes and events.

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Thousands of paintings created by Happy Industries Art Studio students each year!!



Miss Alicia is happy to paint with all the children that contact her, any place, any day.

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