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Happy Industries Art Studio was founded by Miss Alicia and her son Lázaro in Boston in year 2005 and in New York in 2011. Everything started like a real life game. Mom and son playing imagining they have an Art factory at home where they painted and painted after school. Happy Industries was inspired on the one hand, by Alicia's son artistic talents and creative ideas and, on the other, by the growing demand of Alicia's artwork.


Happy Industries Art Studio brings art classes and art events to your home, school, office, or event location in the Tampa Bay Area.


Artsy birthdays, home schooling,  painting nights out, fundraising events, girl and boy scouts badge-art-music activities, summer camps, after school Art clubs, Spring/Winter break Art for kids and much more... 


Virtual drawing classes via Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, google available, and at the studio Art classes in Tampa. 


The art classes include painting on canvas with acrylics and watercolor on professional paper; drawing techniques; get'ready art portfolio; clay figurines; free play with art and recycled materials; realism, surrealism, anime, manga, cartoons, comics, fantasy art, and open-ended classes for exploration. 


Studies show that Art can make you happier, while you are creating you own Art or enjoying someone else's Art. Art makes you happy!!


Visit www.facebook.com/floridainart ,  happyindustriesartstudio.blogspot.com, youtube HappyIndustries2015 Alicia Campos Masso, www.facebook.com/happyindustriesartstudio to get to know more about Happy Industries Art Studio current classes and events.




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Thousands of paintings created by Happy Industries Art Studio students each year!!

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