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When Clotilde Dreams... by Alicia Campos Massó

Clotilde is a little girl who dreams both in English and in Spanish. Through her bilingual dreams children can embark in a fascinating adventure in which they will not only learn a new language but will explore an enchanting world full of wonder and interconnectedness. Kids will adore this imaginative, whimsical, and heartwarming story adorned by the author's beautiful original illustrations. The multicultural nature of this text is wonderful for children who are trying to learn a new language or for parents who wish to expose their children to other cultures. When Clotilde Dreams... includes a full set of coloring sheets so kid readers can fill them out and thus become part of the story. A must-have bilingual book for children of all ages. This story will awaken your child's senses and latent artistic talents. Read along included.

Lázaro and the Crocodile by Alicia Campos Massó

Lázaro and the Crocodile coming SOON !!